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African Ethnic woven bag, made from the baobab tree fiber found in east Africa. The tree is locally used for many health and beauty benefits, it also provides us with the fiber and bark to make these beautiful handbags

Method used is by pealing off the fiber from the tree(this does not affect the tree) then soaked to soften, then rolled by hand on the thigh to make continuous strings, then woven into a basket

The coloring comes from making natural dye from the tree bark, the bark is boiled to create a brown color then some fibers are soaked overnight to blend in the brown color.

The black part of the bag is also a natural dye that is gotten from the soot that is created at the bottom of the pot while using firewood.

These unique bags have been there for generations and we are proud to be part of them.

Baobab African Woven Basket

$80,00 Prezzo regolare
$64,00Prezzo scontato
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