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These beautiful tribal handbags are made from Baobab trees fiber.

The fibers are harvested from the baobab tree (This does not affect the tree and the fibers grow back) then soaked and chewed to soften the fiber for weaving, starts by twisting the fiber on the laps then hand-weaved to make these gorgeous unique patterned bags. 

They come in different unique designs, patterns, and sizes, please inquire for available bags 

The natural  fiber is cream/white in color, we dye it using boiled tree bark that comes out as a natural brown dye, the black part process is from the pot shoot, which from open fire creates the shoot on the pot that is later used to dye the fiber.

Can be used as picnic bags /shopping bag / everyday bag/beach bag /Travel Bag


Baobab handbag

$100,00 Prezzo regolare
$75,00Prezzo scontato
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