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Baobab Tree, also known as the spirit tree, In Africa the tree is held to be the home of spirits or a connection between our world and the other. some hold that they have secret places which the tree will reveal only after secret rituals are performed. Others use the tree as prayer shrines, medicine, fruits, body oils, and ointments and accessories like these bags. many African cultures have stories and legends about the tree.

These tribal baskets are made from Baobab tree bark, the fibers are harvested from the tree (this does not affect the tree, and the fibers grow back) then soaked for the fiber to be soft for weaving, it's then handwoven to make this gorgeous unique patterned bags. 


The fiber used for weaving is dyed using boiled tree bark that comes out brown, some are left in their original color which is cream/whitish. 

Customers' finish choices i:e leather cover top, leather buckle, cotton/nylon lining inside / leather straps or handles

Can be used as picnic bags /shopping bag / everyday bag/beach bag /Travel Bag

Baobab Handbag | Tribal Basket

$64,00 Prezzo regolare
$48,00Prezzo scontato
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