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These stunning handmade leather sandals are not only stylish but also made with care and precision by our Maasai women partners. Each pair is meticulously hand sewn, with the women using a long thin needle to carefully select and sew on colorful Maasai beads onto the leather straps. The variety of bead colors available provides a wide selection to choose from, allowing you to customize your sandals to suit your personal style and preference. By purchasing a pair of these beautiful and unique sandals, you are not only supporting the craftsmanship of local artisans but also embracing the rich cultural heritage of the Maasai people. Add a touch of tradition and elegance to your wardrobe with these one-of-a-kind leather sandals.


The sole is pure leather, soft lining is placed underneath for comfort.



The sandals are best worn in spring and summer, can be good gifts for girlfriend, mother, friends.


We offer multiple sizes and colors, kindly select on the options given.




Happy shopping!!



Leather Sandals with Beads

$54,00 Prezzo regolare
$43,20Prezzo scontato
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